Avocado Spring Rolls                                                                  6.99

Avocado, rice noodles, cucumbers, and red bell peppers served with

wasabi-lime vinaigrette sauce.


Vegetable Spring Rolls                                                                 6.25

Seasonal vegetables and rice noodles served with sweet plum sauce.


Vegetable Samosas                                                                       6.99

Asian spiced seasonal vegetables wrapped in pastry and served

with sweet chili sauce.


Fried Tofu                                                                                      6.25

Served with Thai peanut and sweet chili sauces. 


Grilled Chicken Satay                                                                  9.25

Marinated chicken in coconut milk with served with cucumber salad

and Thai peanut sauce.


Thai BBQ Pork Skewer                                                                8.25

Pork marinated in coconut milk, honey, cilantro, garlic, and spices with 

Tamarind sauce. 


Chicken Spring rolls                                                                    8.95

Chicken, rice noodles, and taro served with house made sweet plum sauce.


Shrimp Summer Rolls                                                                 7.25

Shrimp, lettuce, carrot, basil, and rice noodle rolled in rice paper served

with ginger peanut dressing.


Crab Rangoon                                                                              6.99

Cream cheese and imitation crab meat stuffed wonton served with

sweet plum sauce.



Fried Calamari ( Temporary out )                                             10.95

Crispy calamari with cilantro and sweet chili sauce.


Pan Fried Vegetable Gyoza                                                         6.95

Served with Chef's secret sauce.


Pan Fried Chicken Gyoza                                                           6.99

Served with Chef's secret sauce.


Fried Chicken Basil Roll                                                              6.99

Stir fried ground chicken, bell pepper, glass noodle, chili, and

fresh basil wrapped in rice paper and served with Hoisin peanut sauce.

















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