Chef's Special
Grilled Sea Scallops and Shrimp                                                26.00
Grilled dry sea scallops and shrimp served with Sauteed brown rice,
asparagus, onions, string beans, green onions, and Tamarind sauce. 
Bangkok Chicken                                                                        16.00
Crispy chicken tenders with sweet chili sauce, cashew nuts, 
scallions, sesame seeds, and iceberg lettuce served with 
Jasmine rice. 
Teriyaki Chicken                                                                         16.00
Grilled chicken breast on a bed of steamed mixed vegetables and topped
with Teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, served with Jasmine rice. 
Duck Curry                                                                                  16.00
Choice of Red, Green, Panang, Yellow, Masaman
Or Pineapple curry, pineapples, tomatoes, grapes,

bell peppers, and basil served with Jasmine rice. 
Volcano Snapper                                                                          18.00
Grilled snapper with seasonal vegetables, brown rice, and our Chef's
special chili sauce. 
Ginger Soy Salmon                                                                      17.00
Seared salmon glazed with ginger-soy sauce and served with 
seasonal vegetables and brown rice. 
Volcano Shrimp                                                                            18.00
Crispy shrimp toasted in sweet chili sauce and served with Sauteed brown
rice, tomatoes, green onions, and broccoli. 
Four Hour Massaman Curry Braised Beef                              16.00
Served with potatoes, red onions, and peanuts, topped with fried pumpkin
and served with Jasmine rice. 
Double Delight                                                                                17.00
Stir-fried shrimp, chicken, snow peas, carrots, baby corn, and onions served
with Jasmine rice. 
                  Pad Thai Double Shrimp                                                               18.00              Stir-fried thin rice noodles with egg, peanuts, scallions,   
bean sprouts, Topped with tempura shrimp.
Seafood Noodle Bowl                                                                   16.95
Steamed rice noodles with scallions, bean sprouts, fried garlic,
and mixed seafood. 
Panang Curry Fish                                                                        17.95
Fried Swai fillet on a bed of mixed vegetables topped with Panang curry
sauce and served with brown rice. 

Peanut Curry Shrimp                                                                   18.95
Steamed shrimp on a bed of mixed vegetables topped with peanut curry
sauce and served with brown rice. 
Seafood Curry                                                                                 19.29
Shrimp, scallops, and snapper poached in a spicy red curry broth with
coconut milk, bell peppers, basil, peas, string beans, and bamboo shoots
served with brown rice. 


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